I don't have a very interesting background, or a fantastic story to tell you why I have decided to go down the road I have gone down.

Like everyone I went to school and this is where I got the taste of other people laughing at your jokes or verbalisation. Which was good because I was crap at sports, and as far as an education goes I learnt how to smoke, drive a car and a motorbike. With homework on how to hot wire. After school I did the building and roofing thing. But fell into nursing and did a good ten years caring for the elderly and mentally ill. I loved it, and feel it was my national service. As in the making of me. Seeing people at the brink of death and having mentally ill people looking for answers was for me the best way to really put in perspective what it's all about. Its all about the moment, live and never look back and don't look at other people thinking why them and not me.

I met Dyson at work and after some time we decided to work together. Dyson has a brilliant insight into life with a very intelligent eye. Fact is he buys book with over 900 pages that everyone else leaves behind. He never reads them. Just pulls them out on train journeys and leaves them on his desk so people our aware he has the intellectual advantage. He also has his trusted man bag. So : yes he is something very rare. A Dyson with a bag !!!!!!!!!!!!

Try something new.. Piss yourself. Masturbate in a wood . Punch a tramp. Lick a frog. Give a tramp hand relief (he will forget the punch).

Cover your private part's in jam and stick it in a bee hive (lady's will have to open the lid). Go into jewellery shop and ask for a bag of potatoes.